How to Change SMS Center Number on Android

How to Change SMS Center Number on Android

Are you looking  for How to Change SMS Center Number on Android ?  in the right place? Yes, We give you the solution for how to change SMS Center Number on Android . Many users facing message not sent issues, or if they face any damage in their mobiles. For suppose you send a message to your friend that will be automatically canceled. In those cases, you definitely change your message center number.

Message Center Number Setting


Process to Change SMS Center Number on Android

1. In the very first step, one has to open the messaging app and do select a menu bar available on the mobile itself.

2. Go to Settings-> select Advanced settings.

3. Now you need to scroll down so that you can see the message center number option provided there.

4. And now the user is ultimately requested to enter the exact message center number with respect to their operator.

5. Do click on the SMS center number option available in the form of a list.

6. Finally, you are successful in changing the SMS center number on Android.

If your Android phone doesn’t have the ‘Message Center ‘option available then you can find out what it is by alternate one:

Typing *#*#4636#*#* into your phone on the dial screen.

Select Phone information.

Scroll down and select the SMSC setting.

Press Refresh to see the current setting.

If this number is wrong then type in the correct one and press “Update”.

If you get a notification saying “update error” then it’s probably because, you have Android 2.3 or higher and so will have to enter the UDP number which is available, based on your phone.

Restart your phone

Your can find Airtel SMS Center Number here



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